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Adjustable Straps
KneeEase CPM™ is Easy to Use
The easy-to-adjust straps and motivational display make the KneeEase simple to use. See more patient advantages>>
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Medical Benefits

Patients who use KneeEase CPM™ regain their full range-of-motion in less time, with less pain, and fewer complications. Here are some of the important medical benefits delivered:

Restored ROM Faster
Patients who are prescribed the use of KneeEase CPM regain a greater range of motion in less time. This is due in part because KneeEase CPM provides better isolation of the knee and more targeted rehabilitation than is possible with manual stretching, wall slides, or a traditional CPM. KneeEase CPM supports a greater range of dynamic motion than any other method provides.

Knee Rehabilitation OptionNo More Muscle Guarding!
The explanation for quickly regained range-of-motion can also be credited to the elimination of patient resistance. KneeEase CPM puts your patients in control of their own pain levels and stiffness factors during the stretching process. No longer apprehensive that a therapist or preset CPM will hurt them – their fear quickly turns to trust, relaxation, and faster progress.

Fewer Manipulations
Increasingly, Orthopedic Surgeons are noticing that the need for surgical manipulation is less frequent with patients using KneeEase CPM. A number of case studies have documented situations where patients facing manipulation under anesthesia were spared by switching to the clinical model of KneeEase CPM.

Fewer Complications
The intrinsic design of KneeEase CPM requires the patient to get up and walk to the equipment. The patient sits in an upright (although comfortable) position for the duration of each rehabilitation session. It is believed that this increased patient activity directly contributes to a decreased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pneumonia—all too prevalent with patients spending too much time lying down.

Positive Attitudes
Studies show that patients endure self inflicted or self controlled pain much better than they bear external or uncontrolled pain stimulus. Increased control over the rehabilitation process (see Patient Advantages) produces patients who are happier and more satisfied. These positive emotions inherently contribute to a healthy and successful patient rehabilitative outcome.

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