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KneeEase CPM™ is Easy To Use!

The easy-to-adjust straps and soft padding make the KneeEase simple to use. See more>>

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Replace your old CPMs

Studies have repeatedly shown that old-style CPMs provide no long-term benefits for patients (Lenssen and colleagues, 2008). After six months patients who used old-style CPMs showed no advantage over patients who didn’t use the equipment. KneeEase™ is a new kind of CPM that provides significant advantages over old-style CPMs that can positively impact long-term outcomes.

Here are some reasons you should consider replacing your old-style CPMs:

  • Greater ROM recovery. Most old-style CPMs only provide flexion to 90 degrees. KneeEase™ provides up to 130 degrees of flexion.

  • Faster ROM recovery. Because patients control their own flexion and extension, without the muscle guarding that can accompany standard techniques, they progress more quickly.

  • Reduced need for surgical manipulations. As patients recover greater ROM and return to normal activity faster, the need for surgical manipulations is reduced.

  • Reduced risk of DVT and other complications. Old-style CPMs kept patients in bed for up to six-hours a day, increasing their risk for DVT, pneumonia and other complications. KneeEase™ requires patients to get out of bed, move around and actively participate in the own recovery.

  • Printed post-treatment reports for each patient showing day-by-day progress during treatment.

See here for a comparison chart.

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