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Knee Rehab made Easy
KneeEase CPM™ Lets You Control Your Recovery!
Patients love it! There is no more common word used to describe their experience. See more advantages of KneeEase CPM>>
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Blaine PhotoMy experience after knee surgery rehab was as good as I had hoped. The knee machine gave me so much freedom to do my therapy at home when I felt that I needed to. I feel like after surgery you shouldn't be limited by the rehab that is available to you. I liked using the KneeEase machine several times a day. I could whole heartedly recommend the KneeEase machine after knee replacement surgery. Other physical therapy that has been prescribed to me, such as following my back surgery, often did not take into consideration what 'I' wanted. I sometimes wished they would do more and sometimes less. After having experience with other types of therapy, I loved the KneeEase machine.
—Blaine Benjamin
Blaine PhotoOn June 3rd I had my second knee replacement. The first was more than ten years ago. The difference in my recovery time has been amazing. I feel that the Rapid Knee Rehab machine helped make part of the difference. My being in control seemed to make it easier to bear the pain and increase the range of motion more rapidly. I used the old style range of motion machine and the Rapid Knee machine in the rehabilitation center. I can say without reservation that I prefer the Rapid Knee Rehab machine.
—Annette Godfrey
Blaine PhotoYour machine helped me get to 128º and when I went to the PT I didn’t have to work on bending it I just started building strength. I was way ahead. My therapist said she had never [had someone] do so good so quickly. Your machine is great and I don’t think I would be in as good of shape without it.
—John Payne
It was great, simple, and effective. The digital readout display kept me in sync with time for each movement (straight and bend) and the degree of accomplishment and the numbers help push you to the next level. I like how I could push myself a little degree at a time with the joystick. Thank you!
—Jim Whiteley
I have recommended the KneeEase CPM to friends who are contemplating knee surgery. I could control the swing both ways. My knee movement varied from day to day and I could work with it. I would recommend it to anyone.
—Jeneane Moeller
Mayleen PhotoThe greatest advantage of the KneeEase machine was that I was in control of my own at-home therapy. Not only could I go to therapy three times a week with a licensed physical therapist, but also I could do therapy three times a day at home. I wasn’t limited by the conditions of the preset CPM machines. If my knees were tired and especially tight, I could start out slow at perhaps 95 degrees and then, after warming up, I could work up to 115 or even 120 degrees, all in the same session. This flexibility was not available with the preset machines. If I started the traditional CPM machine at 95 degrees, that is what I would have to work with unless I shut everything down, reset the degrees, and would then begin again.

Both my doctor and my therapist were amazed with my progress and with how quickly I was able to restore my range of motion. When questioned about the success of my surgery, therapy, and subsequent recovery, I gladly replied, "You need three things: a good doctor, a good therapist, and the KneeEase machine. That makes an unbeatable team for success!"
—Mayleen Hendricksen
I walk better with less pain. I have more flexibility and I am not as stiff. I feel like I couldn’t have done without it.
—Pat Ross
Knee Patient
I love it! I’ve had two knees replaced and there is no comparing the experiences. I have gone out of my way to tell everyone I meet who’s getting knee surgery to use the KneeEase CPM.
—Norma I.
Knee Patient
Others with me at Physical Therapy did not have the use of KneeEase CPM and progressed much slower and not as afar as I did. Having the machine the day I returned from the hospital was very helpful. To use it each day at my convenience was good and being in charge of how far I could push myself helped a great deal in my rehabilitation.
—Kent Rowley
I was in control!
—Ted Sandstrom
Knee Patient
Much improved range of motion!
—Lois Rosvall
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