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KneeEase CPM™
KneeEase CPM™ represents the very latest in post-surgical knee rehabilitation. Replace your old CPMs>>
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The KneeEase™ equipment is provided for your evaluation free of charge for an agreed upon period of time. There are only a few simple terms governing this evaluation, as listed below.

  1. Use the Equipment. The purpose of placing the KneeEase™ equipment at your location is so that it can be used in a real clinical setting to fairly evaluate its capabilities and benefits. Please use the equipment with a variety of patients as often as you can.

  2. Take Reasonable Care of the Equipment. The KneeEase™ will not require any maintenance or re-supply, but you should treat it with the same care you treat similar equipment in your office.

  3. Evaluate the Equipment. Use any qualitative or quantitative criteria you like, but take the time to thoughtfully evaluate KneeEase™ and how it impacts patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and the efficiency of your physical therapy program.

  4. Keep or Return the Equipment. At the end of the evaluation period, you can sign an agreement to keep the KneeEase™ equipment, or we’ll come and pick it up. If you feel that you need more time for the evaluation, let us know and we will try to accommodate.

  5. Let Us Know. At the end of the evaluation, please let us know what you thought of KneeEase™. Good, bad or in between, we want your honest evaluation of the equipment in your professional setting.

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