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Medical Benefits

Patients regain their full range-of-motion in less time, with less pain, and fewer complications. More medical benefits>>

Patient Advantages
Control over pain, control over rate of progress, less time and pain before returning to the life they enjoy. More patient advantages>>

CPM Comparisons
A chart shows a side-by-side comparison of KneeEase CPM and old style CPM. See the CPM comparisons>>

Patients love it! There is no more common word used to describe their experience with KneeEase CPM. Read the testimonials here>>

Case Studies
Numerous case studies documenting the benefits of these products including difficult cases have been recorded. Read the CPM Case studies>>

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KneeEase™ for
Post-surgical TKA Rehabilitation
The new standard of care.

KneeEase™ is a tool for post-surgical TKA rehabilitation which offers a way to eliminate the muscle-guarding and fear of pain that slows patients down and makes your job difficult. KneeEase™ gives the patient control and provides instant feedback that motivates them and keeps them progressing. Better patient outcomes are why KneeEase™ is quickly becoming the standard of care for TKA rehabilitation.

KneeEase™ provides better patient outcomes by putting patients in control of their own pain levels and stiffness factors during the stretching process. Patients progress more quickly, regain greater range of motion, and experience fewer complications.

KneeEase™ provides:

  • Greater ROM Recovery, Faster
  • No Muscle-guarding
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Fewer Surgical Manipulations
  • Decreased risk for DVT and other complications
  • Printed post-treatment reports on each patient

Transitional rehabilitation facilities and orthopedic surgeons may be eligible to try KneeEase™ at no cost. All we ask is that you use the equipment with as many patients as possible and listen to their feedback. Details.

Call toll-free 1-888-313-KNEE (5633)


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