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Knee Rehab made Easy
KneeEase CPM™ Lets Them Enjoy Life Again!
KneeEase CPM means shorter recovery time! See more medical benefits>>
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Patient Advantages

Patients love it! There is no more common word used to describe their experience with KneeEase CPM™. And you will love it too… here are just a few of the reasons why!

Less Pain
Ask anyone who remembers the wall slides and manual stretching of home therapy that followed their first knee replacement surgery! Or for those who used the old style CPM at home, who could forget having the machine presets extended all at once — rather than a little at a time? KneeEase CPM™ means simply not having to dread knee rehabilitation any more. Each patient has the ability to extend and flex their knee to the limits of their personal pain threshold – and then stop. Steady, measured progress with less discomfort means less resistance, faster improvement, and shorter recovery time!

Less Time
There’s no question that it takes time and hard work to properly rehabilitate a total knee replacement. But six hours every day?! That’s how much time the old style CPM specifies for each patient every day! And to make matters worse — that’s more time lying in bed. Patients remember how old that got after just two or three days in the hospital! The protocol for KneeEase CPM™ recommends just 30 minutes three times a day!

More Comfort!
And since KneeEase CPM™ lets patients sit up, supported by a comfortable back rest, they can watch TV, listen to music, or figure out what to do with the four and a half hours just saved! Best of all, because of unique knee isolation mechanics, and extended machine limits, each patient’s range of motion will return faster in less time than with any other rehabilitation option available!

Motivational Electronic DisplayMotivational Electronic Display
In addition to fine control over the movement of the CPM, an accurate, real time display of each individual’s angle of flexion provides immediate and constant feedback.This critical information provides the intrinsic motivation which influences each patient's effort during rehabilitation sessions. Progress is no longer limited by machine presets. Patients are empowered and quickly gain understanding, confidence, and enthusiasm for their progress. Recording and tracking session readings allow patients to set and achieve goals for improvement and quickly come to accept ownership of their rehabilitation program.

Better Control
No doubt about it. The #1 positive patient feedback we hear is about being in control. Control over pain, control over rate of progress, a new sense of control of returning to the life they enjoy. KneeEase CPM™ simply provides each patient with the mechanics and continuous information to achieve that control.

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